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National Mission
To Mainstream the Menstruation

In collaboration with GWASE
HridBiotech and Srishti Bharat


Joyita is a National Mission to provide affordable but eco-friendly and biodegradable sanitary products which do not cause harm to our mother earth and mainstream menstruation hygiene for women and girls.

Joyita aims to help women and girls through affordable and eco-friendly Feminine Hygiene Products by creating awareness in the underprivileged regions.


We will work in partnership with grassroots organizations to help us create awareness and distribute our products. Through education and awareness, Joyita will help women to maintain their menstruation hygiene at an affordable cost.

Image by Vitaliy Lyubezhanin
Hygiene Products


Our strategy is simple. Our primary goal is to create awareness about menstruation hygiene and influence to use of sanitary pads as well as to make eco-friendly products available to the end-user at the lowest cost possible. Low-income customers can afford the products, because of low production cost, through a structured supply chain, the elimination of middlemen, use of local inputs, and avoidance of marketing costs.

Hygiene Products
Pink Scarf


We are making it available everywhere so that it becomes a normal thing.

Some of the distribution channels are:

  • Distribution network to sell through women (Empowering Women)

  • In-school distribution (Vending Machines)

  • Colleges and Universities (Vending Machines)

  • Railway and Bus-terminal (Vending Machines)

  • Girls’ orphanage (Free distribution through sponsorship)

  • Government offices (vending machines)

  • Bus Terminals

  • Trians

Handing Pantyliner
Hygiene Products
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