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Hayley Saddington -Supporting GWASE as an International Ambassador

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Innovating in the fast-evolving world of medical devices, Hayley Saddington started her company, HALO Medical Devices. Hayley invented a new goniometer, a tool used by therapists, doctors and veterinarians to measure joint movement and help recovery from injury. HALO is in use by many elite professionals, including the AFL, Australian Ballet Company, and the Boston Red Sox. Hayley sees an initial global market of two million customers for this initial product. The promising success of this product has attracted Federal Government funding and private investors to take her products globally.

Hayley’s next product, in her role as Founder and Director of Techura, her 2nd medical device startup, will take innovation in the medical industry to the next level by incorporating Artificial Intelligence in at home recovery options for people. Hayley's company is set to positively impact the 46-billion-dollar Orthopaedic Industry, to support over 3 million joint replacement patients by 2030.

Hayley is also passionate about mentoring and inspiring the next generation of innovators. Most recently she has taken the position of Entrepreneur in Residence at UNSW for their inaugural Founders Health 10x Accelerator Program. She has mentored for Tech Ready Women Academy, a platform for women entrepreneurs who want to build start-ups. Her dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs has also led to her role of Director at WEA, where Hayley has created WE@inQ. This is an exclusive initiative supporting Australian women-led startups to enter and scale their business to India.

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